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 Stock Market, Coronavirus, & Elections, Oh My! (09/08/2020)

We have been receiving numerous calls inquiring about our thoughts on how the upcoming election will affect the stock market. Historical trends are a good indicator of what may lay ahead. Here are some election-market facts to consider:

  • In the 10 elections since 1980, a republican candidate won 6 and a democrat 4.
    - In 6 elections years, the S&P 500 grew over 10%
    - 2 election years saw S&P 500 gains between 6-8%
    - 2 election years suffered losses, 1 republican & 1 democrat

S2 Financial Partners does not try to “time-the-market,” but we do keep a sharp eye on current events. We analyze markets in conjunction with client risk tolerance and investment time frame because there is no one solution that fits everyone.

If you are concerned about the upcoming election, you have options! To help alleviate your concerns, we can reposition you to a more defensive position.

Conversely, if you are excited about recent market performance and the opportunities that await due to, or in-spite-of, the election; we can certainly adjust a portion of your portfolio to reflect that as well.

To discuss your specific concerns, contact us anytime and we can arrange a time meet.

Remember, S2 stands for Service & Solutions and we are here to assist you with both! Thank you for allowing us to serve you and your family.


Richard Dix, Drew Gress, Eric McIntyre


 What We Have Learned So Far in 2020 (06/25/2020)

The year began with rising markets and many analysts were predicting another prosperous year. Then the unexpected Coronavirus wreaked havoc on the world’s economy causing markets across the board to plummet. Fortunately, this was followed by a rapid upward-correction. We have since been subject to additional market swings in each direction.
This volatility has given us an immense amount of recent data to evaluate as we preform our regular client portfolio reviews.

As part of S2’s review process, we search for portfolios that are:

  • Designed to Protect Assets
  • Structured Around a Core Component
  • Tactically Prepared to Limiting Loss
  • Enhanced with Growth Opportunities

We analyzed performances during the recent February/March stress-test of the market downturn with a particular emphasis on how these portfolio’s performed during the turnaround.

When the market is going up, it is easy for most investments to perform well. It’s only when the market goes down that we are able to evaluate if certain portfolios perform as advertised.

During the recent downturn & rebound, S2 Financial Partners saw a number of portfolios react very differently. Our response was to reach out to you with our recommended changes.

S2 is Services & Solutions! You will enjoy both as we are dedicated to pursuing the most advantageous portfolio for your goals and your risk-comfort-level.

While this may not mean much to everyone, it does allow us to develop custom solutions based on your risk and goals.

We ask the questions. We do the research. We find the solutions. We discuss with you.
You are presented with options that best match your goals. You decide how you would like to proceed.
We routinely review your portfolio’s performance as well as your overall retirement plans with you.

Allow S2 Financial Partners to take what we have learned during these market extremes and apply it to your current situation for a successful retirement.

As always, we thank you for the opportunity to be of service to you and your family. We look forward to helping you create your prosperous financial future.